week 142

I’ve been slacking a bit on posting.

The original plan was to post this right after I woke up in the morning but got sidetracked with clearing out old emails.


Continuation of the pink sweater’s other pocket.


The finished green and pink cowl.


Not sure why this picture is blurry, but this is the cowl length.


All the purple pieces are attached to each other. This picture was taken before the three on the left were attached.

I slightly moved it and realised it somewhat forms a triangle.

Not sure which color I should do next.


I ran out of yarn so am unsure how to sew the sides together.


I finished the scarf and it came out wonky on one side after I was distracted and three stitches fell off the needle, so started binding off random number of stitches. I swear it’s even on both sides.

I didn’t have enough to put an edging all around so just put a crochet edging around the pointed end.


I was in a bad mood last week so bought five skeins of yellow Stylecraft (Special?) DK yarn on the Loveknitting website. Along with the yarn, one of Louisa Harding’s pattern books which was on sale for about $4. She is one of my favorite knitters.

The plan is to make a raglan pullover.

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