week 143

I couldn’t wait so started using the yellow yarns.

Originally, I was going to knit with it.


Co125 with a US 15/10mm needle but frogged it. It would have been too big.


CO150 with US8/5.0mm. I’m impatient so frogged this one.

After knitting a row, I quickly realised it would never be finished.

And, yes, I did use a hair barrette for a stitch marker.


This is my progress so far.

I’ve been using the Fibonnacci Sequence for stripes.

I started off with 151 stitches, with a F/5/3.75mm hook.

Was using a hairpin as a stitch marker but have no idea where it went.

Also, when getting to the end of each row, have been slipstitching before beginning the next row.

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