week 145

This arrived in the mail today.

After temporarily misplacing the F hook, I felt like buying two hooks to replace it. Then found the original hook in my closet a few days later.

I have always wanted to try out a rosewood crochet hook and just chose a size I use a lot of.

(The other hook may be waiting for me at a close UPS since I redirected it for pickup. That’ll make an appearance next week.)

One of these days might do a reenactment of the KnitKnit cover with all my needles and hooks. Should have last week when talking about what I use.


Not sure why it’s sideways, but the stripes are actually from top to bottom. In this picture, left to right. The skirt is done.

It’s not quite Fibonnaci Sequence as it went up to a block of thirteen rows then reverses back to one.

Not sure if it’s obvious but to speed things along, did switch hooks. In block six and eight, on the fourth row, I went to a bigger sized hook. Started with F, went to G, then ended on H.

The top is next. It won’t have as many stripes. Same with the sleeves.

Then the edgings and waistband in a different color.

Haven’t decided what it will be lined with.


More of these rounds.


Continuation of this sweater. I measured it not too long ago and it’s around four inches.


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