week 146


The majority of last week was spent knitting the left side. Not exactly sure how the left side of the picture, but right side while it will be worn, how it ended up not as wide as the other side. Maybe because I was in such a hurry to get it over with, so I can finally focus on knitting sleeves and be done with the project.  There is a slight hole towards the top and other mistakes. Also, not sure why the armhole doesn’t look as smooth as the other side when I tried to do the same exact thing. I swear I cast on the same amount of stitches on both fronts, unless I wrote down the wrong number while taking notes for myself.

It goes to show things are affected by inside and outside influences.

These are all the pieces so far. They all need to be blocked.


I finally picked up the light up crochet hook on Friday while out running errands with the kid.

Have not used it yet but have used the rosewood one.

The rosewood one feels weird because it has no weight to it and the hook is a tad sharper than the ones I normally use. It’s not good for dark yarn because I was using it on dark brown yarn and could barely see what I was doing. It’s not bad but there is probably a reason why my preference is for plastic or metal hooks.

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