week 147


It took a couple days but I crocheted all the letters of the alphabet. I started with the O, then ended up with the W.I didn’t agree on what number to chain with so it varied between 12 to 21. Most of them are sixteen. I’ll give a how to next week after I have fiddled with them and made ones that are more uniform and not this hot mess you see.

The circular letters are easy.

To make the O, chain 16 then in each chain you work 2hdc or 2trebles. The C, G, Q and U are variations of that.

H is the only letter where I had to break the yarn before finishing. The X was originally the K. M and W have always confused me but they came out decent looking.

I haven’t blocked any of them but they all look okay. Except the K. I have no idea what is going on there.

I still have the numbers to crochet then can start making objects to go along with the letters. Am considering if I should crochet the smaller versions of the letters.


Finally started and finished the arm warmers slash fingerless gloves for my cousin who asked for them last year, or whenever her family moved to another place.


Started on one of the sleeves today.

Originally started with a bigger needle but frogged the yarn then redid it in the smaller size.

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