week 150-151

As it turns out, it takes a short while before you get itchy and want to start making things again.

The unintentional lapse of a post last week was because I wasn’t in the mood to write anything until last Friday so just saved it up for today’s post.

I didn’t get very far in fixing my closet as the whole middle is still on the floor.

(I wouldn’t recommend this but I used a circular saw in a pretty unsafe manner to trim off the top and in the process made a slight shallow cut in a finger, which has healed completely by now. I didn’t have on gloves, a face mask or eye protection (my glasses don’t count) but my hair was up. Still. Not at all safe.)

My closet as of today.


Last week, I realised just how out of practice I am with the sewing machine.

My mom has been bugging me to fix her pajama shorts and I had plaid fabric lying around from an unmade Halloween costume.

I cut too much fabric but it looks fairly decent, although I did the bottom cuffs before making them shorts.


I haven’t attached the elastic waistband yet.

Still having tons of fabric leftover, I tried to make a top but couldn’t get it on past my shoulders so got frustrated and took it all apart.

I turned it into a purse.

I also finished sewing up the second fake fur pillow, rather badly.


I have spent the majority of my time trying to finish my knit cardigan to the point the sleeves were not wide enough so I decided crochet will be part of it now.



The seams still have to be finished then add the patch pockets.

Not sure of a border all around.

Then another project done.


I have had a vague idea in my head for a while of using up the embroidery thread and, so far, it looks like this.



    • victoriasantos

      Not as productive as I’d like but removing books and taking apart shelving takes more time than I thought it would be. I’m hoping assembly will take way less time once I drill the holes into the middle piece.

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