week 152



Finally finished this sweater.

I didn’t have the collar and added border to it when I took pictures of myself wearing it.

Had quite a bit of yarn leftover so just crocheted a shawl collar. So, the edging, border, collar and part of the sleeves are crochet while the main parts are knit. The bottom still curls up but like it as is. The back is still shorter than the front.

It’s asymmetrical and feels like a nice warm blanket.


I finally got tired of waiting over my decision, whether or not I should go ahead and get one more skein of the darker yellow yarn, and just went ahead and used the third color.

This doesn’t have the added sc/dc border at the bottom, but this is it pretty much finished.

Just need to line it and it’s complete.


A bit of crochet that I want to make into an open house shape that you can hang on the wall.

I’ve started making tutorials on the letters and number last week, while having an incredibly bad headache, and started on the vowels. It’s more time consuming than I thought it would be.

Plus, I’m still deciding if I want to have printable PDFs after the whole thing is done or section by section. Does anyone actually want PDFs of how to do the letters and numbers?

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