weeks 154-155

It completely slipped my mind to post last week, hence nothing.


Had several projects going on at once these past two weeks.


Finished it on Monday, but the latter half of the week, after whenever it was started, was spent sewing a dress.

It was originally going to be lined but decided against it, because attaching it made the dress pucker in spaces around the sleeves.


I originally made the straps but they just felt odd so it was modified to this.

plaid dress

The ties are longer than they’re supposed to be, and were actually supposed to just be tied in the back, but I wear it wrapped around the back and tied in front, slightly askew.

I took a picture of myself wearing it without hemming the sleeves and the bottom, with the collar wider than preferred. It’s posted on the Instagram account which should be listed, if you look at my profile.

The dress ends above my knees and the sleeves end close by the elbows. It will look cute in tights and low heeled boots along with a sweater.

I did screw up on the sleeves and didn’t have enough fabric to completely cut them out again so added panels on the undersides.

The temptation to add a crochet edging is strong and perhaps will be added on, but at a later time. The insides are raw edges and that doesn’t feel right so have to do something for a cleaner look.


Speaking of crochet, this pullover is coming along nicely.


This was while crocheting the second side. There are parts where it’s obvious I hurried a bit.


The one on top is the sleeve and the bottom is the main body. This was before adding the rest of the white yarn.

Yarn chicken again resulted in my losing, but, on the plus side, have an excuse to go yarn shopping.


Originally, the plan was to use the purple yarn to show how to make the letters and numbers, which I will get around to actually posting on the blog, but just can’t make myself sit down and document step by step how to make each one.

I plan on “sewing” the letters and numbers, that were originally made, onto crocheted backs and then just give them to my son’s class. The idea of a board book made with the crocheted letters and numbers is still on my mind but will do that with the “new” letters.

While that’s currently on the back burner, I took this yarn to keep my hands busy when I took my mom to get her nails done last Saturday. People still look at you like you’re a magician when you crochet or knit in public. I’ve done both and don’t mind the looks of confusion but it still irks me that people confuse the two. Knitting and crocheting are two different methods but people seem to think they’re interchangeable.

Today, felt like switching it up and changed the stitch. Not sure how to keep it even whenever changing the stitch, even though the needle is still the same size. It also took a couple rows to get right.


By the way, I have not gotten around to posting anything on the online shop but soon.

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