week 157

Not sure why I kept putting this post off,  but was going to post last night. Then, my kid came up to me and started tapping on my laptop screen, basically telling me he wanted me to log off so I did.

The pants are pretty much finished, except I haven’t been able to locate the clasps and snaps to put on the pants. It wouldn’t be practical to walk around holding the pants closed.


Stitching isn’t perfect and this left pocket is slightly wonky. I opened it to show off the material. The right one is perfect. I don’t aim for perfection in sewing but I was pretty proud of myself.


In case, you’re wondering how they look. Ignore the derpy look on my face. And the triple chin action. I placed my phone on the floor and took a picture.

Also, the zipper was actually open but I doubt that it would have made much of a difference in the picture, if I had closed it.


Remember the original shorts I made with the leftover plaid fabric? I added lace to the top and there’s elastic in the waistband so these are done. p1030918

Progress on the shorts.

These shorts are almost done but for some reason stitching them is a constant source of frustration. The fabric isn’t slippery so there isn’t any reason why it was causing me such trouble with the thread constantly snagging. By the way, these are going to my mom and the pink shorts behind it are for comparison.


The original pieces cut, but I had to slightly alter it to fit me. After the first ones are done, these will be stitched together.


The progress on the raglan sleeve top.

After trying to attach them and realising it wouldn’t fit, I frogged a bit of the yarn and am in the process of redoing the first sleeve. Hopefully this pullover will be finished by the end of the month.


The yarn I was going to use to make the tutorial on the alphabet and numbers. Instead I am using it to make this hat. Here are the first two pieces. It will be four pieces before I “sew” them together and it’s supposed to fit 22″.


I know I keep promising the tutorial but I’ve been busy with several projects. Plus, having your kid on a two week break from school, because he’s year round, leaves you with even less time.

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