week 160-161

I forgot what day it was but my sister-in-law asked me, on behalf on my niece, if I could make them a few baby hats or gloves that my niece could sell to raise money for her school.

I only had time to make three because I kept putting it off as my indecision to decide what to do kept preventing me from starting.

After a couple days of thinking and staring at my yarn for ideas, my initial thinking up what to do involved this.


Few days later. Two hats done.


Then the third. I didn’t feel like making another beanie so made a beret, although if you turned it inside out, you could make it a beanie. p1030962p1030963

All three hats.


My sister-in-law texted me the beanie sold but isn’t sure about the other two. I’m kind of proud that I made the beret but wish I had more time to make a “matching” mustache to go along with the beret but not sure how a baby could wear it.


I very heavily procrastinated over this time and few things were done.


Continued to knit this and I like the lacey nature of it. I should have used a needle two sizes bigger, but it still looks nice.


This will result into either a hat or a headband. Haven’t officially decided. This comes from the frogged yarn and my friend will still get the end product regardless of what results. I hope she likes it.


There is one more thing I started. A white scarf where I’m going by fives. Knit one then purl four and repeat. I think I should have done knit one, then purl four on the even sides and purl one and knit five on the odd sides, but I don’t mind how it looks now.


Oh. I did finally fix the fringe on this shawl.

For the longest time, I’ve been feeling the urge to paint again. It will happen soon.

Also, to happen soon, is opening the online shop. Props to all online sellers who know what they’re doing. I definitely don’t have a clue.

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