week 165

white bobble scarf

Top and bottom pieces of a scarf.

I have no idea what to do with the middle two pieces, although it could be a different colour or just stick with off-white. Am strongly tempted to use a pale grey but not sure how it will tie in if I take that route.

orange knit to crochet scarf or something

Didn’t realise this would be a bit blurry. Sorry.

This started off as knitting but impatience took over, so cast off and started crocheting.

Wasn’t counting rows so the knitting was knit, purl, purl on repeat until the last stitch which was knit.

After casting off, two rows of hdc/half treble and now it’s rows of closed scallops.

sucky embroidery over paint

This is a slow project and pretty much reminding me why I don’t actually embroider. The second thread I used kept knotting and splitting. Knotting is fixable but splitting, when you don’t want it to, makes things tedious.

Maybe I’ll learn to like embroidery but for now, not really.

progress of silk and lace shirt

Past couple of days I’ve been sewing this. I used a pattern piece for the body but the lace upper part and sleeves are just randomness. I haven’t sewn buttons onto the front yoke yet.

The sleeves oddly enough took forever. Had to sew one sleeve more than once. First time the sleeve cap was too big so adjusted it, then had sewn the sleeve backwards then had to reattach it after making a noticeable pucker.

Right now, I’m quite undecided with how to fix the bottom. It’s bothersome for tops to end close to my belly button, either above or below, which is the case for this top, but otherwise fits perfectly. I ran out of both fabrics so am currently deciding between the lace options. I’ll probably scrap both and use a third to add onto the mishmash.

yarn with the label saying the wrong colour

Just had to share this because whoever wrote down the colour had mislabeled it. Fig is a dark purple and I looked it up and I’m pretty sure this is raspberry. I couldn’t find any other bits of this colour at that Joanns, though.

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