week 166

Just a quick entry because I’m starving and it’s nearly 11am and I have not eaten breakfast yet.


I’m being quite lazy with the silk and lace top but I decided to put a simple seam binding on the bottom and I want to add crochet at the bottom and have plenty of fingerweight yarn to add on.


I’m sewing a small zip bag to house all of my friend’s stuff that I’m going to finally send off to her next week.


I started this last week after I finished a two day project. I am determined to make a pullover with all of this yarn and I’m not giving the end result away. I was disappointed when the dress wasn’t practical but I never wore it and just admired it. I’ve doubled up the yarn and there are bits where it can be scratchy but after a soak, it would be perfect.

huge pink cowl

Remember the Lion Brand yarn I purchased last week?

Usually, I take forever with knit projects but US size11/8.0mm and chunky yarn took two days of knitting and purling then sewing the two ends together to make this huge squishy pink cowl. I normally wear glasses but felt like a selfie without them. I’m not comfortable with a phone up in my face which is why I’m looking to the side.

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