week 167-168

Week before last, I could barely get anything done. Hence nothing to report. I think all I was able to accomplish was two or three rows of the knitted jumper.

Last week, I got more done.

I was able to accomplish more over the past week.

Majority of it over the weekend.

I finally was able to send a few things to my friend after finishing the zipper pouch.


Her favourite colour is purple and, to humour myself, I made a bag with red and blue.


I had time on my hands and made this cowl. I thought it would be funny to crochet a pair of undies but it came out looking awful.


Starting on Friday, I made this painting to finally “pay off” losing the bet to my friend. Basically a beach scene with turtles. It’s obvious I’m not used to drawing turtles, even less on a small scale.

I have no idea how she’s going to get it, but it’s hers. The base was paint, then added paper and beads, then drew on it with coloured pen and marker.


Finally have put some use to those crochet hearts I did some time ago. I made wee hooks for them and then added this quote.

I’ve recently experienced another heartbreak and, I have briefly mentioned him before, after shutting down for a few days, creativity revved into gear and I’ve been writing and my output is improving.

This is what I want to say to everyone, but I’ve only made seven. I have no idea where I’m going to leave them, but I want to scatter them around San Diego.












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