week 171

Having a kid on vacation means you have less time to focus on other stuff.

Christmas was yesterday and I didn’t get any real baking done over the past week, which is unusual for me. I got it in my head to attempt to make lamingtons and did it the lazy way and made boxed cake which should have told me it wouldn’t work.

I made one before the cake pieces started disintegrating.


sad single lamington

In turn, I just made biscuits with the leftover chocolate, coconut, a handful of walnuts, two handfuls of sliced almonds, two tablespoons of AP flour and an egg.

I’m usually very exact when it comes to baking but this one was just throwing together a few items and hoping it would turn out.

350F/177C for about twelve minutes.


resulting biscuits

Did sneak in a few things.

I was waiting to turn this into a scarf and get more yarn but got impatient so while listening to Bat For Lashes’s curated evening on BBC6 radio on Christmas Eve, I turned it into a cowl.


bobble cowl



Before I turned to the cowl, this was done in a few minutes but I had to change one part where the bracelet connects and it ended up falling apart when I was fussing with it after I had the heart upside down. Only in claddaughs are upside down hearts proper otherwise they should be right side up.

I need a harder wire gauge because my original idea didn’t work so just strung these on flimsy wire. The original idea was to wire wrap crystals because, except one, they don’t have holes drilled in them.

I started this today.


yet another red and pink scarf

I am feeling very lazy of mind so a simple garter stitch scarf and not a lot of time spend on planning it out. A lot of projects take up planning and sketching but making simple things tide me over in-between.


This is actually my last post of 2016 and it’s weird to think this year is ending so soon.

I ended 2015 miserable over a breakup and somewhat hopeless, but a year later, I experienced another breakup a month ago after something extremely short termed, but feel okay and somewhat looking forward to what next year brings.

I have quite a few things in the planning stages that hopefully will come to fruition next year.

Hope everyone reading this is safe and in good spirits. And, getting drunk on New Year’s Eve is for amateurs. Kidding.

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