week 172

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope everyone had an amazing end to their year whether the year brought shite after shite, or it brought much needed awesomeness.

I didn’t get much done last week, although I assumed there would be plenty of time. Just got super lazy and consumed my weight in sweets.

Got a bit of knitting done, but not much.

red knitted scarf progress

I was extremely impatient last week.

random stones, a claddaugh, coin and string

I did venture out on New Year’s day, instead of holing up in the house and doing nothing, like every single year. My cousin, Joelle, gave the stones to me, and most of these will be turned into either bracelets or another necklace.

I wanted to see fireworks but it was raining all day, into overnight.

Instead, for my own amusement, I ended up live vlogging on YouTube it turning into 2017. I made the mistake of downloading the encoder ten minutes before  I promised to be on. Instead of actually having it on my laptop already and knowing how to use it proper.

It was a disaster and not well planned out, even though I’m the type to try to plan everything out when it comes to creative endeavours. Even though, a lot of times things happen so it never goes exactly as planned. Basically, if you go to my channel, I didn’t figure out you have to adjust the screen, in the first clip, but somewhere in there I popped the only popper at midnight. The second clip is just me drinking and talking. I was starting to get buzzed, because I’m a lightweight, and stopped drinking after I ended the feed. I was already awkward and got bored, because only one person would view it at times. At the end, I turned on music on my phone and not so seriously started singing along with Sara Bareilles’s Gravity. I haven’t watched them otherwise I will start cringing at my awkwardness. Most of it was me making faces at my laptop camera.

Have I made any resolutions? Not really. I do hope this year brings me such good things that I’m gleefully smiling on New Year’s Eve of 2018. Hope that happens to everyone. Also, it would be nice to kiss someone on New Year’s Eve again.

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