week 174

With January comes a certain amount of fatigue. Also, last week was a tiring week where my attention flitted about and couldn’t focus on any one thing for long periods of time.

Every year, this month, I spend a good chunk of it trying to finish up as many things as possible I’ve started in the previous year or before that time.

This year isn’t much different.

I’ve decided to make it a yearly thing where I knit a sweater or cardigan, since, so far, I’ve established this precedent, although I always get to the point where impatience takes over and crochet the rest, so the finished product will be done faster.


This is using up all of the frogged Simonetta yarn from the dress that just sat in the closet.

So far.

knitting progress


All of the embroidery thread is going to be crocheted into circles and will be attached to the ongoing circles project.

embroidery thread

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