week 175

circles and yarn

Last week I curated on a RoCur Twitter account and, randomly spent most of last week not tweeting as much for that account and my personal one, because things kept popping up and took up a good chunk of my attention, but the last couple of days, over the weekend, randomly posted clips of a knitted rectangle, and about a five minute tutorial on how to make a simple crochet circle.

I spent a bit of time uploading them to YouTube on Sunday. Don’t think I titled them in order because they uploaded in a different order and I wasn’t quite paying attention.

And, yes, I did post the one where I got overenthusiastic and accidentally stabbed my shoulder with a knitting needle. That would be part 4.

sweater about to be froggedfrogged yarn and circlessecond sleeve about to be frogged

I’m finally getting around to frogging the yarn for this sweater. It was my favourite Banana Republic pullover that everyone who saw me wear it liked the sweater. Too bad the hole that formed in the front would keep getting bigger to the point it was beyond fixable.

So far, as of today, both sleeves have been frogged and the yarn in wee cakes.

This week will probably be mostly spent frogging each piece. The yarn is still wavey but I like it as is. It will be turned into another pullover but I’m not putting cables in it but will be ribbed all over. You know ribbed…for her pleasure. Yeah. It was about time I started making dumb jokes.

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