week 176

This post is a bit later than usual as the start to the week was a bit on the crazy side.

I didn’t accomplish much over the past week as it was spent mostly frogging the sweater.

frogged yarn from sweater

This is almost all of the sweater, except the turtleneck part.

I could straighten out the yarn but like it this way. There were a few bits lost by getting frustrated and cutting into the seams but most of it was salvageable.

Want to remake this into another pullover and have been sort of thinking it through.

Like this, that came to mind while listening to the Hottest 200-101 on Triple J. (Seriously, though. No Solange or Angel Olsen from 200-1? Really?)

crocheted idea

Am aware orange isn’t a neutral but was coming up with a visual representation of the idea sketched out.

It won’t be crocheted, either, but just wanted to see a vague version to see if I like the colour pattern. Probably will just use one or two stripes.

pillowcase zipper

This project has been sitting around in the sewing room since some time last year and I finally gotten around to it on Monday, before getting a call that would affect the the rest of that day and Tuesday.

Just need to attach the zipper then resew around the pillowcase and turn it inside out and pop in the pillow then it will actually be done.

Currently, using hot pink coloured thread to attach the zipper before actually sewing it on.

green stripup close of green strip

I started this Tuesday afternoon.

Ch89 so it comes out to 90 stitches, then alternate between a row of sc/dc and a row of mesh (hdc/htc, ch1, skip next stitch then repeat).


I was hoping to have had a lot more projects finished by the end of January but guess not. Instead, I hardly felt motivated to do much.

This month, I want to go back to the web series which took a back seat to other projects.

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