week 177-179

I have to apologise for having such a long absence between posts. Life gets in the way. Some days or weeks, your energy is spent and time just passes and you have no idea where it went.

Two weeks ago, my dad’s on and off problems with chronic bronchitis was spent a couple days of having to take him (one of the two since my brother took him one of the days) and picking him up from the hospital, then my son’s ongoing problem which has finally gotten under control for now.

I rarely talk about my child because I’m not comfortable and purposely omit mentions of him, but I feel it’s necessary to partially explain my absence. He has Autism and feel it would take over the purpose of this blog. He’s also had an ongoing constipation problem that basically resulted in a dermatologist saying he has Jacquet’s Disease. So, I’ve taken him to a Gastroenterologist who is trying out a casein-free, gluten-free high fiber diet on him, which I’ve been pretty good about except for Valentine’s Day. At first,  I felt like I was starving him, but then poured through some of my cookbooks and realised it’s not that bad. Just have to change out some items.  Plus, having a

Made these and surprised he liked them.

lentil and black bean "cookies"

I was aiming for patties but they ended up biscuits slash cookies. I pureed cooked lentils (with onion and spices) and drained black beans together with walnuts, olive oil and water, then added a cup of baking mix and an egg. I overcooked them at 20 minutes but the kid didn’t care and even went so far as to eat the crumbs.

Last week, I’ve slowly returned to making.

Finally, sewn up the pillowcase, which was paused for a while.

pillowcase zipperwhole pillow

odd part by the zipper

Have been a while but the zipper is wonky. After hand-sewing it on then sewing it, it’s finally done. The part that is supposed to be smooth isn’t smooth and quite bumpy.

I’ve spent most of the weekend trying to come up with how the sweater or cardigan will look when it’s finished.  This is the progress on it so far.

striped pullover or cardigan progress

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