week 181

Very short post as it’s just one project.

Not sure why these photos came out blurry but this is the progress on the yellow cropped cardigan I’m currently focused on.

fronts, pockets and back

It’s not obvious here but the pockets were sewn to the fronts, so have one less thing to deal with when sewing everything together.


This is the first sleeve after binding off.

I need more practice on increasing stitches at the sides but thankfully it will be seamed together so not as noticeable.

one sleeve

My terrible note taking. I started a new notebook yesterday.

Haven’t decided if there will be a button band or something else. Need one more skein of Lionbrand’s Hometown to finish the second sleeve and whatever else needs to be done. The leftover bits won’t be enough for anything but an edging.

FYI, if you look at the Lionbrand website, someone saw the back of this project on my Instagram feed and posted it here: http://bit.ly/2n7xDjn.


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