week 182

The yellow cropped cardigan is on hold until I’m able to get one final skein, so other projects can happen for now.

I started this on Monday, because I’ve been wanting to experiment and see if I can do it. I’ve started knitting two years ago, after many years of starting knitting projects and quickly becoming frustrated and giving up, and my projects have always been bottom upwards, and wanted to see if I can do something by knitting from the top.

This is the progress on that.

Using a size 9/5.5mm needle, I cast on 89 stitches then did a couple rows of knit and purl before attaching them together then several rows of knitting.

The row that is just finished I knit a stitch, added an increase, then knit the next stitch, then alternated between the two until the row was finished. I can be awful at math so would have to count by three sometimes to see I an increase wasn’t added unnecessarily.

In case you’re curious. This yarn is Red Heart’s Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Parrot. For some reason, when it’s knit, it’s paler than when you crochet.

start of a knit down top

I also knit a few more rows of this ongoing striped black and purple cardigan.

I’m at eleven and an half inches, or about 292 mm. The aim is fifteen inches (or 381 mm) before I start marking off areas for the back and front. I can’t stop touching it and doubling up on the yarn was such a good idea. It started off scratchy but the more I work with it, it softens up.

continuation of striped cardigan

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