week 184

fabric pieces

It didn’t occur to me at the time I needed to cut up the hearts, also.

The smaller heart will be in the middle square.

fabric pieces in a pile

Nothing is sewn together yet and need to cut more of the smaller pieces for this quilt.

I calculated there are nine huge squares with hearts in the middle, then twenty eight smaller squares then four for the border. The bigger pieces are going to be a mishmash for the back. Not actually sure if all of it will be for one project.


I only worked on that today.

I’ve mainly been focused on knitting.

On the purple and black open cardigan.

I prefer this to the dress originally made with the yarn. Also, doubling up was a good idea because it’s much more plush and soft.

before weaving in endsprogress until today

Wasn’t expecting both pictures to come out blurry.

The first picture was before I wove in the ends on both sides and may have woven in the ends on the outside. Ooops.

The second is the progress made on it until earlier today.

I had so many fails the past three days where I ended up getting my needles woven into the fabric so ended up popping the middle part onto a different circular needle, then was able to slide out one end of the needle.

After knitting the second front, I had to use a spare straight and stitch holders to get the middle back onto the ones I’m using. Now I understand why some people have duplicate needles. Also, I need size 10/6.00mm needles because the ones I had to use were 8/5.0mm, which sucks because I’m using the 9/5.50mm on the top down shirt. The project uses 11/8.00mm.

After the main body is done, I have sleeves to do, then want to seam the lower part, so when you lift your arm you have a line.

I also bound off sooner when I made the first front and it’s nine inches, not ten like I planned.  Or, 228.6mm, instead of 254mm, if you’re so inclined.

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