week 188

I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time ill this month than what it normal for myself for a whole year. It slows things down because you spend more time trying to rest and, in my case, asleep because of the cold medicine.

I managed to finish one sleeve of the striped purple and black cardigan, and wasn’t expecting it to be a bit wonky. The bottom two stripes don’t match up but didn’t expect them to line up, since the sleeves are five inches shorter than the main body.

first sleeve

I didn’t quite calculate the sleeve and just winged it, so the curve is a bit bigger than the hole but it’s unlikely it’ll be bugging me that much when I sew the seams on everything, after finishing the second sleeve.

sleeve and body next to each other

I’ll probably have to put something on the top edge, but since I made everything in garter stitch, it isn’t curling or needs that much blocking. The only thing that bugs me is that the fronts are curved, but I have enough yarn to do something about it.

Hopefully, this project will be finished soon, but get the feeling I might have to make a lining for it so it’s easier to slip on and off, and not be too scratchy.

This is the progress on the second sleeve, by the way.

second sleeve and yarn

I’m a bit worried that I will end up playing yarn chicken with the lighter yarn, and have actually looked and can’t seem to locate more of the Simonetta in that colour online. I’ve been able to find every colour but that one, which is annoying.

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