week 188-190

I wish I had a valid reason for neglecting this blog but I’ve been extremely forgetful and, in my mind, have been updating it more than I actually have. Is there a term for that?

Haven’t really done much work because I’m finding I’m easily distracted by the smallest things. And, the only project I’ve managed to fit into my time is the striped sweater.

I am really impatient so decided putting it the right way wasn’t going to be fast enough for me.

It went from this:

sleeves attached the first way

To this:

cardigan without single/double crochet

cardigan with sleeves reattached

The sleeves are weirdly shaped because I started increasing at the sides at the wrong row but don’t mind them looking like they were inspired by jodhpurs.

Also, oddly enough the stripes do line up, just not the exact sleeve and main body ones, but not a big deal.

I single/double crocheted the inner part and want to knit something more for the inside. Not sure if it’ll just be a collar. The temptation to make it a pullover is still hovering over the project. I’ve made enough open cardigans lately, that a slightly oversized jumper would be nice. If this doesn’t become a jumper, the next wearable, if it’s not something like a tank top or vest, will definitely be one.

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