week 191

I’m temporarily taking a break from finishing the striped cardigan to start something else.

Sunday, two different ideas popped into mind.

One of them was to make a bunch of pillows and they’re all houses, and the whole thing is called The Village. Each pillow comes with a short story of who lives within the house.

I was either texting or talking with a certain someone and he wants to collaborate on this project with me. We haven’t really talked about ideas in depth. They’ll vary in size but so far aren’t bigger than 12 by 12.  I need to remeasure The Knob House.

I’m starting with five then go from there.

After The Knob House, this is the progress so far. I found leftover cut up muslin in the fabric stash basket, and made pillowcases. These are all ironed and stuffing will commence soon. I used to use quilt batting to stuff pillows but they would be flat within a week. Stuffing pillows with leftover fabric and yarn bits until there is no air left is the way to go.

These look like napkins but they’re all empty pillowforms.

ironed pillowcases

The second project was from randomly reaching into the yarn stash. I know more will be used but this is the starting point.

yarn bits

Originally, I had it in my head that I cast on 90 stitches but counted 85 when I knit the third row, so it completely threw off the counting. They didn’t fall in the same rows, because turning the project back and forth were not lining up exact.

The funnier bit was over the weekend where I was counting where stitches go, it took ten minutes to figure out what would be the middle stitch for 45 stitches because I kept getting 27, which is wrong. Also, it took an embarrassing amount of time to figure out my middle stitch would be stitch 46. Half of 90 is 45.

frogged yarn

I reached the tenth row before frogging the whole thing.

project currently

This is my second attempt. I cast on 81 stitches. (Do you count the initial slip knot you put on the needle or don’t? I tend to include it and not think of it as a separate stitch.) Originally, it will be three rows but I messed up and it’s not four rows where the stitch is different.

The first row is all knit, then it will switch between purl and knit certain stitches, then knit and purl certain stitches. Until it gets to the length I like, it will go back and forth between the last two.

I broke it down, so the third row and all the odd rows will be purl until you get to stitches 21-23, 31-33, 48-50, and 58-60. Hopefully my math skills don’t fail me for a third time. For the even rows, it’s the reverse by knitting most of it and purling those stitches.

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