week 194-196

I’m making slow progress on things.


This was started about a week ago.

One of my relatives was admitted into the hospital and I found myself sitting on the couch in the lobby with my son, while my parents were with my uncle and aunt in the room.  I sometimes forget to bring a book or magazine to read, and usually just fuss about on the phone, but remembered to bring a bit of yarn and a crochet hook.

It began on the way there.

start of crochet cardigan

A few days later, this was the progress on it.

I keep posting pictures of it on Instagram, marking the steps of it. (I wore the same jeans two days in a row so it looks like the same day on some of them.)

Also, somehow in the process I lost ten stitches, from beginning row to turning it over and counting the second row.

I have been mostly using the half double-half treble crochet stitch, except when I add on yarn and it is single/double crochet on those rows.

progress on crochet cardigan from last week

This is today.

I started adding a different colour, after realising a shawl in the closet that wasn’t being used, that the yarn would look nice when put together with the Izaac Mizrahi Little Red Riding Hood yarn.

I am tempted to get more of the Izaac Mizrahi yarn, but trying to hold off and see how this results.

progress on crochet cardigan, adding new colour


Meanwhile, I haven’t added many rows to this project.

progress on knitted striped top

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