week 197-198

So, I’ve finally managed to make something that actually fits me. Yes, it overlaps but I still like what I’m seeing.

After starting the second sleeve, I ran out of Isaac Mizrahi’s Little Red, in Riding Hood, and was going to wait and buy another skein or ball to finish up the project, but a very sweet and cute boy took it upon himself to get it for me, and will get to hopefully finish this by the end of next week.

without sleeves

The main body. I’m making notes as I go, and will probably throw my notes down in this blog when it’s finished. I have no clue how to resize items, but once I measure the gauge, then I’m sure it can be figured out.

The fronts are assymetrical as one had ten stitches and the other side had eight, when I attached the fronts to the back.

blurry sleeve and part of a second

I have no idea how I made the first sleeve so round, but it’s eleven inches and ends with twelve stitches, when I began with fifty-two.

The picture is blurry and it’s hard to tell that that’s the second sleeve on top, after failing at yarn chicken. I am at about two and a half inches, when the other sleeve is four inches before adding the second colour. (6.35cm, instead of 10.16cm)


I’ve had this project sitting around for ages, and finally gotten around to putting the piece together, starting last week.

It’s Burdastyle’s Jorinde Jacket. When I printed off the pieces and got the directions to make it, it was still free. Unfortunately, when I was going through and tossing a bunch of stuff out, I threw everything out. I needed the directions, or at least the part that tells me what each piece is in the fabric puzzle.

With help from Twitter, and finally sucking it up and paying the $3.99 to redownload it, I realised this had to do with the neck, after placing the pieces together to get an idea of what order to sew in. By the way, the directions are not that great, so I’ve been having a harder time than I should be having, because of overthinking it rather than anything else. I also stupidly haven’t bothered to interface any of the bits inside, so this jacket will probably not have the longevity or be staying put as it should.

neck facing

The back of the neck facing. Since the jacket will be lined, I have no idea if this part goes inside the collar or just stays outside.

inside of tweed jacket without lining

The inside of the front of the jacket. Originally, I wasn’t going to put the pocket tabs but realise it will look better with them on.

cat fabric pieces

Have no idea how I ended up missing a piece so had to recut for the lining shoulder parts and just thought it would be funny to use that cat fabric I was given by my friend after his mum passed.

unlined jacket with messy pocket parts

This was how it was going to look, when I had sewn everything, it just looked horrible.

inside and outside the jacket

The lining on top of the main body.

My stitching isn’t great, but, if I took a picture of the thread in the trash bin, I’ve messed up a lot. I keep fumbling with the thread tension and, at times, the top will be too tight, or it will come undone from its path, or the bobbin is being a pain and bird nests underneathe.

one of the jacket pockets

After fixing one pocket, this is sort of what it looks like now. I am in the process of fixing the pockets and it is slightly different than this. Also, I don’t know how I managed to do it, but they’re both facing the same way, instead of mirroring each other. I should have put three pockets and had the top one going the opposite direction, but it’s not a big deal.

I just want it finished and it should be done soon enough.  Need to fix the pockets, the sleeves, the bottom then fix the collar.


OH. I was at Yardage Town yesterday and got this pattern.

pattern and bias tape

The bias tape isn’t the size I was using in the jacket but it’s not a big deal. Also, I was in a hurry and killing time before leaving and looking through patterns, not expecting to get anything. I took a picture of this and was going to return to get it, but ended up just getting it.

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