week 200-201

Is the Jorinde jacket finished? No. Because the snaps are not applied yet.

However, remember when I said there were pants that matched with it, using the same fabric? I tried to put on the pants and it was so tight in the crotch it wouldn’t budge.

So, it became a knee length skirt.

skirt with zipper being attached


It took a while to figure out what sort of zipper closure I wanted and just put the zipper back the way it was.

Unfortunately, I didn’t apply the waistband smoothly and it’s not perfect in front.

floral cat lining

I didn’t have any leftover grey fabric to line the skirt so used the same one that I had put on the shoulders of the jacket. Had to do it several times before the lining was big enough.

buttons on pockets

I did the waistband so badly but it doesn’t look entirely awful. The insides look nice at least.

Those needs snaps and they’ll both be finished.


House 2 project wasn’t making me happy so I frogged it. The middle especially.

house 2 was a fail

So, I began again and in crochet form. So far, this small bit.

house 2 but crochet


The striped red jacket is pretty much done.

short sleeve crochet cardigan


I like how I keep promising myself my next project will be purple and I can’t stop making items with red yarn.


Oh. I don’t know what I will call it but the Teacher Blanket so far. I haven’t made this week’s two rectangles.

four knit rectangles

Two a week for every week in session, and one for every week there’s no school.

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