week 203

After so much frogging, I finally was able to settle on something I liked for House 2.

crochet side one of house 2

It’s not perfect and I’m going to add something to outline the lighter blocks, but this is the first “wall”. Yes, I did mess up when adding the second colour but no big whoop. Just have to remember to mirror it when I repeat for the other “windows”.

I plan on having four windows on two sides and the thinner sides will all be that red.

Haven’t decided on the roof yet.

partially done rug of pom poms

For some time now, I had a load of pom poms in a plastic bin, after making them from leftover bits from previous projects, using the lazy method, as in using the Clover devices to make pom-poms. I can never make them full enough with the fork or cardboard methods.

So, while watching DVDs–Actually, just Shrek 2 and the pilot and half of the first episode of I Love Lucy, before my son shut it off and demanded dinner–I attached them to the empty rug pad. And ran out after the green, white and grey ones. Slowly in the process of making more and finishing this rug. I need to make more reds and blues and purples.

Not sure if I’ll give it a proper trim as the messiness looks quite nice. Just need to fill in holes, after popping on a “last” pom pom on the bottom or top left corner.

muslin pieces of dress to be

Making up pattern pieces for a dress is hard, if you have never done it before. I’m so used to changing up already made patterns that I wanted to just start from scratch.

Not the first time to admit this but math can escape me. Like to the point of calculating things more than once then getting confused because none of the times end up with the same result. In my case, it’s measure four times, then measure again, then cut. None of this Measure Twice, Cut Once. With knitting and crochet, you can frog and start over, but fabric, you cut it once and you’re done.

(Just a funny anecdote but I bought more muslin this morning and the lady cutting it had to recut it when she was about to give me three yards when I asked for four. So she wasted three yards. I would have totally been fine if she had just cut one more yard and added that to the three she already cut.)

I made the pieces after drawing out the measurements on muslin. I actually had sewn the front and back pieces together and they were the perfect length, but a bit tight. I could breathe easily but want it a bit looser. I didn’t add any darts and it didn’t seem to need one. Funny enough that I thought it was perfect after adding an inch all around for the seam allowance and ended up with a seam allowance of 3/8″, which is almost a centimeter. The front is perfect, except have to add for the shoulder seams, but want to add to the sides of the back piece. I need to fiddle around with the pieces a bit more before I am willing to cut into the fabrics.

And, yes, I labelled it according to which fabric I’m using, in my various sketching of ideas. So, some pieces are labelled A, and some are labelled B. Until I can come up with a name for it, it’s going to stay labelled that way.

starting of next knit project

Finally decided to use this yarn from Lionbrand. I only have two cakes and want to make a pullover. Will it happen? We will see.

Yes, I pulled from the bottom. Wasn’t paying attention and also cast on 80 stitches onto a size 11/8mm circular needles but, since then, moved it to a 10.5/6.5mm on a purl side. I could probably close this but want the front middle something that hasn’t been decided yet.

I want to experiment with making cables which I’ve never done before but want to save that for when the yarn is all one colour.

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