week 205-206

This blog had to be temporarily put on the backburner.

My jury duty service ended last Tuesday. I really don’t feel like talking pubicly about the case, but it felt so nice to watch the local news or pick up the paper and not skip parts, after it was complete. Being a juror is more boring more than what shows make it out to be. Imagine being in a lecture and you have two professors giving their viewpoints on the subject. It sucked that two different cases were almost finished when ours finally finished.

After leaving there, filled with relief that it was over after about two weeks, I decided to reward myself with ice cream. I never got the ice cream because on the way there, got rear-ended. The funny part was it ended up being one of the mother’s of my son’s classmates. Thankfully, no one is hurt. Car’s bumper and closing the trunk is an issue and will have to use a rental until week’s end. Last week was an emotional rollercoaster, where my self-worth pretty much plummeted.

I haven’t had a chance to do much craftwise, because parts of me completely shut down, but this weekend I’m finding it’s slowly coming back to me. By the way, crying jags while untangling yarn is not a great experience. Also, I’m thankful, I don’t have to count spoons.

Over the weekend, I started a project. Twice I’ve attempted to make a pattern from Leigh Radford’s book, Alterknits. Twice, I’ve failed the Multilayered Tube Shawl or Scarf. It shouldn’t be that hard but it’s way easier to join rounds in crochet than knitting.

The second time I thought I had successfully not twisted the stitches, but then got to several rows and it became obvious, it wasn’t going to go my way.

Starting over is the worst but the end result is always worth it. Well, almost always worth constantly starting from the beginning. I’m not an absolute perfectionist, after all it’s more about the process than anything else, but like hitting some semblance of a goal.

So, this is what casting on 180 stitches, then joining in the round and knitting a few rows looks like. I’m pretty sure I realised it was going to be a failure when I wasn’t paying attention, then turned the project around and knit a round from the other side. Oftentimes I just incorporate mistakes into projects and just make them part of a design, because I really can’t be arsed to start it all over.

twisted stitches on circular needle

So, completely frogged that whole bit and restarted. This will be 180 stitches and won’t join the ends. I haven’t officially started drawing up sketches yet but have an idea from looking in all my knitting books. I have no idea why I’m constantly failing so much with this particular yarn. I think I’ve tinkered with it so much that at least three times the yarn separated itself in my hands when I gently tugged on it.

I’ve been wanting to make a pullover for a while and end up constantly making cardigans.

120 stitches


I promised my sister-in-law for a while now that I will make my niece’s music teacher a baby present. In the process, I snapped my favourite yarn sewing needle into two pieces.

broken blue sewing needle

From doing this. It’s all a complete mess.

I’m currently redoing the hat and need to make another sock to complete the set. Next time, I’m just going to sew the whole set and make it easier on myself.

messed up green crochet beanie and socks


The weekend between September 1-4 was starting and mostly making a crochet mini-shawl or cowl or poncho. (For a crafter, I still get them mixed up but it depends where on the shoulders and neck it covers.) I finished the last row (in order words, ran out of yarn), while listening to my boyfriend’s radio program, The Tripwire on The-Phoenix dot net, which airs at my time from 2-5am on Tuesday mornings.

The ends have been since sewn in.

mini crochet shawl

I completed the pom pom rug but still have to fill in a few holes. I’m going to use white pom poms to break it up more. It looks amazing but have to do a better job of weaving in the ends in the back but, also, want to put something on the back because it feels like it might slide about if it was on a tile floor.

pom pom rug

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