week 209

Even though I promised to use up my yarn stash, I went ahead and bought more yarn after seeing an email from LoveKnitting that The Yarn Collective yarns were on sale and got curious. Ended up buying two hanks of the Bloomsbury DK in Soot and it’s so pretty. It’s mostly dark grey, with bits of lighter grey, but when I was turning it into a cake, I noticed bits of purplish in the mix.

This isn’t a clear picture but it’s not solidly one colour.

yarn about to be turned into a ball


I managed another inch for the top using the Red Heart yarn in their Boutique Unforgettable line in the Parrot colour.

When I started it, it looked like it was starting to get pale but the colours are vibrant.

Bad thing is I’m probably going to need more, as I am getting closer to finishing the front of the sleeves and I’m maybe nearing the end of half of ball two. I have three balls and they will all be used for the front, it seems.

continuation of top with Red Heart yarn


I’ve been wanting to make something for Dylan for a while, and am attempting to crochet him a vest using up two yarns from the two stashes a certain really cute man got me.

The first side turned out better but I keep randomly making mistakes on this side but the neckline is perfect. I’m tempted to embroider on this side but the first one is supposed to be the front, and I plan on doing something with that because the neckline is lower than I want it to be.

continuation of vest or sleeveless top for Dylan


I went into the same yarn stash and decided this needs to be knitted. This is the third knitting attempt after moving to smaller needles. This will be when using the five needle set will come in handy as none of my circulars are under 24″/60cm, in case I want to make a thin tube.

beginning of another knit project


So, I’ve gotten it into my head that I want to try filet crochet and made a solid row after making an initial row of 50. No sure how this will turn out either as I haven’t quite plotted it out on graph paper.

beginning of a filet crochet project


I’m a hoarder and find it hard to toss out my yarn labels and have decided to collage them onto a posterboard. This isn’t all of them, as I ran out of glue.

While I glue these, I also write it down. At some point, my lazy butt needs to update my Ravelry account, which isn’t as updated as I’d like it to be, but can only focus on so much and that frequently goes on the backburner.

a lot of labels glued down to posterboard



Not quite how I expected all fours sides attached together would look, but I need to make a pillow insert then redo the bottom, as I had to frog the one originally made because it will not fit. The loose bits at the bottom got sewn into the insides.

all four sides of house two connected

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