week 212-213

I don’t really factor in time getting lost when it comes to some projects, but oftentimes I should.

I made a Hans Solo costume for my great-nephew, and wanted to be done with it sooner than the day before Halloween. Except, my son broke the soap dish in one of the bathrooms, so spent a weekend and a day fixing that. Fixing that pushed back the time I was allowing myself to get it done.

I had almost half a costume the night of my brother and sister-in-law’s party, but luckily they had a backup. (Last weekend was filled, also, as my son is born right before Halloween, so between that Halloween party and his birthday party, I didn’t get much done. Sunday wasn’t full of accomplishments, either.)

Everyone loves the costume. All I see is the parts where I could have done better. I didn’t make the boot covers big enough. The elastic waistband wasn’t done right. Stitching was horrible. I embrace my mistakes usually but when it’s done for someone else, I care what the end result is going to be, and this was completely sub-par work and really embarrassing.

But, I figure it will only be worn once or twice, so longevity isn’t a factor here.

Han Solo costume


Along with not giving myself enough time, I procrastinated and spent time on this. It was finished the day after, on Halloween morning. It’s a big enough purple and pinkish striped lap blanket.

I reused that yarn for the oversized cowl and it looks like a small amount, compared to the other colours.

purple and pink striped crochet blanket


At some point, during these two weeks, the project using the Mandala yarn was just sitting in the corner, so I decided to take it off the needles and crochet a bit of it. I want to do the same exact to the second ball and attach them on the wider side.

continuation of mandala yarn project


House 2 looks weird and somehow I ended up with a pumpkin or squash. So, I’m calling House 2, The Squashers. I didn’t make the pillowform full enough, but eh.

House 2 - Squashers


Moving on, I have started House Three. Not sure the end result but this one will be more rectangular than the other two.

start of House 3


And, I added a small amount to the weaving.

continuation of weaving


By the way, I’m just going to put this here, but I bought my son’s costume.

Dylan in his hot chips costume

He didn’t like wearing it until I told him he needs to wear it so he can get candy. We only went to about ten houses, in the neighbourhood, and at each house, he insisted I go with him, after I tried to pass him the bag where he put his candy.

Having an autistic child, he couldn’t say Trick or Treat and spent a lot of time just looking inside people’s homes, fascinated with door frames and such, when people would open their door to give him candy. He also went to more houses than last year.

Also, I think since we were close behind a couple and their three kids, when the guy took a picture of one of his kids, Dylan and I might be in that picture.

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