week 214-215

I originally was going to post last Friday, but a cold was working itself through my system and made me both more impatient and exhausted than I usually am. Over the counter medicine makes me just sleep all the time. Plus, skipping coffee meant I basically dropped off the wee one and napped. I’m around 89-90% better, and the coughing is almost non-existent. If I didn’t take the Night Alka-Seltzer, I would wake up every other hour coughing. More than once, I would wake up almost choking before having a coughing spell.


Haven’t made much progress on this since getting to this point with this shawl or scarf.

Using up more purple yarn, I wasn’t sure where this was going to go, but the bobbles look nice. They don’t all line up but eh. Not a big deal.

top or shawl made with purple yarn


Another project that is slowly coming along, is the top using the parrot yarn. I’m not sure if this will be the front or back.

continuation of parrot yarn top


I originally was going to make a bunch of blocks to gift his teacher at the end of the school year and calculated 64 squares and this past week, my tiredness came to a head and decided it would be too much effort so have decided on a simpler pattern.

A few bits of yarn broke at the bottom of the loom, so frogged all of that project and decided to make the blanket modified, from what I planned for the weaving.

continuation of teacher blanket


Monday, I was going through my yarn stash and after separating out the reds and pinks, I had to reorganise them because some of them got really tangled. (By the way, I have a bit of laceweight green yarn under my desk that is completely tangled and a totally mess, which I keep slowly separating but get easily frustrated and am tempted to cut into bits, until it’s in wee balls.)

So far, this is the progress, as of yesterday because I got nothing done today.

red yarn shawl or scarf or something


Was going through next year’s IKEA mag and saw a rug made of offset rectangles of colours, and decided to see how it would look if I did the same thing with crochet rectangles. Should probably use chunky yarn but this one looks nice.

It was being knit originally but decided to do crochet.

rectangle of yarn


I originally got 22 gauge wire but it didn’t fit through some of the beads so ended up getting 26 and it was perfect. It sits in my desk and I plan on redoing it, for personal reasons. I also realise it’s hopeless using closures as they always split off, so wrapping the wire ends solves that problem.

There are several necklaces hanging in my closet after I got bored and put beads on wire.


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