Weeks 216-217

Currently in the process of making a beanie for one of my aunts, so this will be a semi-quick post.

Among the various projects, in various states of being, was able to finish the shawl using up red and pink yarns leftover from other projects.

It was supposed to be rectangular but prefer it in asymmetrical form, lack of a better way of describing it, from not paying attention.

finished red and pink shawl on my bed

It’s not obvious but I did a sc/dc at the bottom of the shawl which just outlined the curviness of the shawl.

finished shawl with red and pink yarn

It wouldn’t look bad as a skirt if I chose to close it, but like it as is, and the top can be folded down if need be.


I made two crochet strips for this project and it’s going to be a mix of knit and crochet. I should have made it with a bigger set of straights but it doesn’t matter. The way I’m connecting it will make it all work.

knitting a strip for another project


For the painting, I’ve started crushing up crystals to turn into pigment.

For Black Friday, I was able to buy linseed oil and poppy oil last Wednesday, but Michaels only sent me an email saying the poppy oil is being sent, and nothing about the linseed oil. I called yesterday but they said, if I hadn’t gotten an email by Saturday, I should call them back and see what can be done about it.

By the way, I wouldn’t recommend this route but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it’s been a practice in patience. Next time, I’m just buying oil paints and it wouldn’t be taking this long.

purple crystal in chunks while being turned into pigment

Yes, I’m crushing an amethyst. Out of all the crystals so far, this is the only one that actually looks mildly like the colour I’m crushing. Everything else looks like some variant of grey.

My cousin gave me the crystals and she assumed I would crush them and add them to paint, and the intention is to turn the crystals into pigment.

By the way, there is something about taking out your frustrations on materials. I am using a mortar and pestle to crush the crystals and, much like making bread and kneading the dough, being able to pound the heck out of something to turn it into powder is fun.

taped out sections for painting to be

I have a sketch drawn out and taped up the canvas into sections. The parts covered up will still have some of the dye exposed, when the tape is removed. I don’t know how it will be outlined.


I alternate between knitting and crochet, and have been wanting to make another pullover. Have been mysteriously “collecting” green and yellow yarns and have been wanting to make something with all the yarn, and one can never have enough pullovers.

This is the colour scheme, from the bottom to the top.

Colours for striped knit pullover

This is the main (fifth) sketch of the pullover, which probably will change at some point, but pretty happy with the idea after doing several sketches.

sketch along with the beginning of the striped pullover

This is the second stripe, the first white row. The rows will be all about the same size, except the top row.

beginning of striped pullover, yellow and white stripes

By the way, I made more dye. I added yellow rit dye to the pot of reddish water and did the hot water than washed the fabric in the washing machine.

orange dyefabric in dye

The velvet went from white to matching the lace that will be part of the dress. One day I will have red dye but keep making orange-brownish dyes.

The bottom one was dyed a dark colour and thought bleaching it would remove some of the colour. I need to use dye remover and make it off-white again.

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