week 218

I thought I would have more time to finish a couple things for a friend of mine, but the garland I’m making her is nowhere near being done. I think we promised each a couple things more than a year ago and I’m finally getting around to both.

This is part of the garland. I ended making one huge flower with the separate bits here and put a bead in the front middle.

(The sketch is the blanket I’m making for Dylan’s teacher.)

crochet flowers


Only got as far as adding the third colour to this striped pullover. The first two stripes follow a certain way but just want to lazily garter stitch the rest. I’m going for as simple as possible.

Also, I’ve been quite tired lately and can’t be arsed to paint my fingernails. My hands are a bit on the dry side because it’s nearly winter here.

three stripes in pullover


Didn’t realise this picture came out blurry until uploading it so the bobbles are a bit blurry on the shawl.

blurry picture of striped purple bobble shawl


These are how many strips I have for yet another scarf. The smaller one is knit and I’m only making one on that small of a pair of straights. Need to knit more strips.

strips of scarf


This is all the material I’m going to use for another scarf I have in mind.

This was while working on the first part.

I’m incorporating the curling in as part of it and unsure what to do with the dyed yarn, although it still looks fairly white in this picture.

progress picture of another scarf

And this is what the first part looks finished.

The yarn is Lionbrand’s Hometown USA in Fargo Fields which I have been wanting to use since forever. I cast on 12 stitches and went from there, using any combo of the needles of four needles at various parts of the scarf, two of five dpns I rarely use and another pair of straights.

I know I said this on Instagram, but the colour reminds me of Aquafresh toothpaste and/or candy canes.

finished scarf part one with knitting needles


My cousin wanted me to make my aunt a beanie so with help from one of the booklets, I made one for her. Caron’s Simply Soft Party is so pretty, but the shiny bits do come loose at times. I spent most of last weekend frogging knit mess-ups. It took me a few hours to crochet this, which was a relief because I was hoping not to be up at all hours, restarting it over and over.

crocheted red beanie

And now she wants two more for her mum.

I misunderstood her and thought she only wanted a purple one for her, but told me today, she also wanted a black velvet for her, also. I have no idea where to get velvet yarn on such short notice, but decided there’s soft buttery fabric I can use, that was used for RJ’s vest, after tearing it into strips and making one long bit.

Also, my annoyance at not being able to replicate something I’ve already done comes into play here.  I got bored every few rows and changed the stitch.

purple beanie


By the way, I never could find my I/5.5mm hook that Dylan tossed so ended up buying myself another one.

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