week 219

It can be a bit of a drag that I’m completely incapable of creating the same thing twice. My aunt ended up getting three beanies and none of them were the same stitch. (Cousin did tell me that was a positive and that my aunt likes them because they are all different.)

The last hat was bigger than the other two.

Purple one involved getting bored with the stitches every few rows, but the black one, except the first and last stitches, was going back and forth from back to front loops and repeating that over and over.

purple and black beanies


I started another scarf and wasn’t exactly sure where this was going, but so far, so good.

Made a simple rectangle, which was posted last week. Then, closed up the long side by adding simple crochet.

crochet part of scarf

This is what it looks like inside out. It’s shorter than I expected, so that means the inner tube(s) will be longer. I haven’t officially decided the number of tubes but each one will be longer than the one it’s inside.

scarf, partially done

This is the start of the second tube. I have done a few rows since, but none of the crochet tubes will be any fancy stitches. The half double crochet or half treble crochet stitch seems like my go to, which is the stitch I tend to do on autopilot.

start of part two of circular scarf


I got my hair done yesterday and while waiting for my turn, I did a bit of knitting to keep my hands busy. Should have kept it going but after taking it off the needles after getting home, I frogged all of it. The striped pullover might have a different colour arrangement soon.

knitting done while waiting for my turn at the hairstylist

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