week 220

Who’s at the tail end of another cold? This girl. Beginning of the week, I could barely function. Coffee and medicine on Tuesday and was feeling generally okay. Wednesday, although there was shopping involved and was fine, except for the occasional coughing fit, but got home and was completely wiped out.


Last Friday, after picking up Dylan from school, I was watching Harold and Maude, when started on the third house. This one will be, obviously, squarish.

house number three begun


After frogging the yarn from the one while waiting last week, I restarted something else. Completely undid the stripes pullover and made a new colour scheme and it’s going to start with the green.

It’s not obvious but took one my son’s pillows and have been using it to elevate my head. The lion pillowcase has been in someone’s possession since I was a kid. At one point, my mom has tried to get rid of it and I keep hoarding it. That reminds me. I’m not sure where my pillow from when my relatives from Germany were here, a long long time ago.

knitting project on top of other yarns


Progress on the second tube of the scarf.

progress on the second tube of the scarf


I bought something for one my sister-in-laws for Christmas and have been trying to figure out how to make a box for it. This is attempt number two.

Below it is one coaster. I need to make four more.

That’s all I can say about this, otherwise I’ll spoil it and that would not be good.

box and one coaster


After wrapping a present, I had leftover paper and found myself randomly cutting it to see what would result. I made a row of the letter D, which is attached to my son’s present.

This looks like it still needs something.

paper and yarn and felt

Boredom led me to start cutting out letters from the cardboard container that had tissues. Not sure if I can get all the letters from this amount.

letters from tissue box cardboard


Also, boredom has led me to make small envelopes that I don’t remember why I started making the first one. I had a bigger envelope and was using part of it to cover a box bottom.

small envelopes


I’m completely inept when it comes to making a gingerbread house.

Be glad I’m not an architect or something of the ilk.

side of the gingerbread house

I didn’t calculate the roof to be big enough and there would have been empty space on each side so did it backwards. I need to make more royal frosting and just dump it all on the house. This is embarrassing but this is only my second attempt, so not too bovvered.

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