week 223-223.5

Post is later than usual, out of my own laziness. Also, my laptop has been wonky since self-updating to Windows 10 and will randomly freeze then restart.


This pullover is mostly finished unless I decide to add something to the hem but quite like it as is. I measured it and it’s 18 1/2 inches or about 46 cm. I tried it on when it was about two inches or so shorter, and right above my belly button, which annoyed me, because anything near my belly button is awful, but was surprised at how warm and comfy it feels.

If ever I finally buckled down and learned to write knitting or crochet patterns, this should be one. It’s top down and am actually proud of myself for making this. Also, completely inexperienced in pattern grading in yarn form.

pullover using red heart's unforgettable yarn in parrot


Instead of creating a second tube and putting that in the middle, I was watching the second Kingsman movie and closed the ends to make one tube. (By the way, I prefer the first movie way more, although the Elton John storyline was really funny.)

cowl using lionbrand and some other yarn


Forget when exactly but started two knit pullovers and this is the process of both of them:

The striped one with various yarns.

I’m only on the second stripe out of the five repeating, until I have twenty-five rows, with each row about an inch, or two and an half cm. The red yarn isn’t part of the stripes, as the rows will be green, brown, grey, yellow, then white.

progress on a pullover using different yarns


The purple is the ongoing shawl which I think should just end right now, then use the rest of the purple yarn for something else. Or, make another bit to the shawl, then piece them together.

The self-striping Mandala yarn, on the bottom, is pretty while doing the rib stitch on bigger needles. I messed up on a row but doesn’t really bother me. Plus, if I frog a row, I end up undoing the whole thing.

progress of striped pullover using the lionbrand mandala yarn


Slow process on making the third house. The main building is pretty much done, and just have to make up the roof and the pillow insert.

house three in pieces


Just have to share these. I bought buttons off the Loop Knitting website and they’re so pretty. I bought the last one of the round floral one but wish I could get more. I do want more of the other two. The square ones would be so pretty on a cardigan, while the bird one might go on a convertible scarf, although I haven’t decided what the folk bird one will actually go on, though.

buttons from loop knitting


Okay. Back to reading The Craftsman’s Handbook, which was started today, and the preface isn’t finished yet.

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