week 224-225

For some reason, I’ve not got as much done, as I’d prefer.

Just mainly focused on a couple things.

One of the striped pullovers.

stripes (going up): green, brown, grey, yellow, white

The yarns used:

Green – KnitPicks’s Chroma Worsted Yarn in New Leaf

Brown – Premier Yarn’s Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance in Beaver

Grey – The Yarn Collective Bloomsbury DK in Soot

Yellow – Cascade Yarn & Wool’s Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in 0877/Golden


White – Isaac Mizrahi® Craft™ Isaac’s Colorways Merino Blend in Ivory

I measured the first stripe wrong but it’s no big deal. Have to mirror on the back and put something on the hem all around. I plan to hit around 15 inches/38cm, then each row will be two inches/around 5cm each.


striped purple wrap or mini-blanket, one side folded over

Ignore the feet at the top of the bed. Was trying to get a picture without my son being in frame and it was either the top of his head or his shoes. Three yarns and I had started it with one stitch and just went in random mode, using three yarns and four hook sizes, but it does bother me a bit that I started a new yarn mid-row and didn’t just start over the row.

close up of striped purple wrap or mini-blanket

A semi-blurry close up of most the stitches.


me wearing the parrot yarn pullover

Just a picture of me standing in the kitchen, drinking coffee, wearing the pullover using the Redheart Unforgettable yarn in parrot. The edges done up in the yarn I dyed, which isn’t really obvious unless you’re close to me. It’s a tiny bit oversized but not to the point of obnoxiousness. Couldn’t decide on something for the bottom so just left it without an edging. It’s still the perfect length.

Also, I have no idea why my hair looks like I have a mullet. It was pulled back into a ponytail.

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