week 230

Bit of a slow week.

Finally decided what to do with most of the yarn in the bucket under my desk. Would it be weird to be turned into another blanket, except in attached blocks, when it was originally a blanket? Some yarns get reused endlessly and some become one thing and never change.

I could add the pink yarn but something in me wants to use that yarn for something else.

(I didn’t change my comforter. I slept with two comforters last night.)


various coloured crochet blocks


It took several attempts but you can use fingering yarn in a hoop.

Actually tempted to use a piece of frame to use as a hoop at some point, because not all projects want to be in circular shape.

I originally made the circle too big but removed quite a bit then it became this.

It moved from another hoop when the top wouldn’t close, so had to fashion a closure with a bent paperclip.

yarn in embroidery hoop with extra yarn

And, in case you wanted to see what my first attempt at a circle looked like. No matter what size hook, if I add too many rows, it just ruffles.

ruffled yarn circle



(There’s an idea brewing in my head for a certain someone, because our birthdays are early April. After mild discussion with a mutual friend of ours, I know what path to take. Can’t really discuss too much about it because he reads this blog. I need to research the tools needed to make it happen. Hope the end result pleases him immensely. All I will say about it is….nothing. You’re not getting any hints.)

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