week 234

I’ve been a bit scattered this week and have been hopping from project to project.

(Sorry for the semi-blurry pictures. Taking pictures haphazardly with a regular camera in bad lighting isn’t the way to take pictures.)

I’m making progress on the green coat.

coat pieces with other fabric in front

I don’t have enough interfacing, and not sure what to line the coat with, but the main pieces are cut. I actually have enough fabric to make one or two more pockets and a small zipper purse.

I’m not sure if it was mentioned last week, but used a jacket pattern in my stash and extended the length of parts of it to make a coat.

various shirts in pieces and whole

I’ve finally decided to do something with these shirts that are just sitting around, either in my closet or in a pile, and started today to take them apart, to use bits and dye them and use them all together to make a tunic or dress. For the skirt, I want to use a shawl I kept dying and want to remove the dye and redo the colour. It will be various shades of blue, since one piece is already blue.  Or might incorporate pieces into the dress I keep putting off making.

second sleeve started of Dylan's pullover

I’ve started on the second sleeve but don’t have enough to finish it, although I get the feeling I do but it will affect the dormant knitting striped pullover.

purse without closure

So, that purse, which am tempted to turn into a flap bag, because I’m too lazy to locate another metal frame, had extra fabric so made this. It doesn’t have a closure yet, but it turned put quite nice. I wanted to add a zipper top to the lining but the zipper part turned out inside out then when I went to fiddle with it, the pull came off, so just did away with it. I should have two flap on top and made that a zipper top, but didn’t think this one out thoroughly.

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