week 236

Some days where I’m productive and multi-tasking, some days where it’s a struggle to accomplish anything unless I’m sitting down and completely focused. Every week.


Last week was my birthday and have a couple huge parcels arrive, that a certain boy got me. Or not got me. I don’t know. Bit confusing at the moment as he refuses to claim he did it, even though the package arrived with the receipt inside and his name is on the BILL TO bit.

The one involving yarn was a huge WEBS order he made.

order from WEBS


I feel I’m getting closer to finishing a few things.


The coat is ready to be sewn together, then have the lining sewn and attached.

pieces for the coat and the coat lining

I spent part of today making fabric covered buttons, which is a tedious thing to do, but feel it needs to have buttons. I’m not very good at making buttonholes so not sure if I’ll use them for anything other than decoration, instead of practicality.

(There is no picture of them but they’re 1 1/8″, or 28.575mm, and covered in the green tablecloth fabric.)



Some leftover of the lining fabric and it somehow came out this shape, even though I originally had it planned to be heart-shaped. The white is from one of the tops I’ve split apart.


bowtie and bag

Made a bow-tie, and if you open the bag, it’s the same fabric. These are without the snap buttons.

Dylan wore the bow-tie for his Spring Picture. Sorry not sorry that he didn’t enjoy wearing it for the brief time he had it on.

There is a fabric that was a former crib sheet that has been prepped to be used for a bunch more bow-ties.


crochet top

This top looks weird as of this moment, and just winging it, but the sides and sleeves might be something else. It looks nice but not wide enough to wear it, if I were to close the sides as they are now.


knit and crochet piece that is oddly pencil shaped

I just wanted this done and it looks terrible. Do like the knit part but not sure why it ended up with a triangular top.

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