week 241

Getting things accomplished last week when Eurovision took up a good chunk of time was hard. It’s only three days, and not in a row, but getting anything done, while it was on, was fruitless. In my timezone, it was early afternoon when I’m usually in the middle of focusing on projects. In my short amount of years of watching, as I got curious the year Mans won, which is the first year Australia competed, and have been emotionally invested in the song contest annually. Could totally make a whole post on all of that but that would probably bore so many people when professional music journalists and super Eurovision fans would do a better job.  (By the way, the first semi-finals proved that they picked the worst singer last year. The song is nice but the man on his high horse needs to check himself. Also, he’s had at least a year to get over his awkward postures…)

So…..I really didn’t get far in anything.


I’m going to over the hat when it’s finally done. It’s turning out more complicated than expected. Basically don’t cut the wire shorter than it says, and having issues turning the fabric inside out. I should have turned the fabric inside out then put in the wire and cord. Out of the flowers, I made two.

The stupid thing is I’ve been searching for an online tutorial for making the flowers and I’ve come up empty and have to rely on the direction drawings.

This whole thing is a mess.

hat pieces


Default stitch for me is the half double crochet, or the half treble.  Originally, it was a few rows of hdc/htc, just to see how it feels in my hands, before coming up with a semi-plan.

I can’t stop making tops and this one isn’t any different, and will have both knitting and crochet.

Beginning with a crochet bib in the front. More of the front and the upper back yoke will also be crochet. The rest will be knit.

For some reason it looks better sideways than the way it was made. Starburst stitch isn’t supposed to look like this but still looks nice. It’ll look nicer as part of the whole pullover.

crochet bib using Cascade Yarns's Avalon


Okay. Just a reminder this exists and haven’t progressed beyond a few more rows.

knit piece for top

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