week 242

Suppose the advantage of taking pictures with a camera that slightly blurs images, is that when your stitches aren’t perfect, it’s not as noticeable. It’s actually not bad looking but I still know they’re there.

It’s not actually lopsided but for some reason looks that way.

Still need to add the sleeves and cuffs, then the buttons.

Also, I’ve never had to fumble this much with a collar before and it still is not perfect.  By the way, it’s supposed to be mildly oversized and expected it to be so, but it fits perfectly and didn’t have to mess with it.  Always a plus, when you make a muslin and it doesn’t need any massive changes.

tunic without sleeves and buttons

Speaking of buttons. I had a hard time choosing between these three and have now narrowed it down to either the plain one or the silvery one, as the floral one clashes and would look better with something plain.

fabric with button choices


I finally sucked it up and bought this pattern, because after ordering it off Amazon and the order having to be cancelled because it never arrived, was going to chalk this up to experience and try to be fine without it. I mean, it’s not necessary that this in my collection but just really wanted it.

simplicity pattern 8298


Finally finished this top, using the stash of Knitpicks GlossDK in honey, which I wish they would bring back. The yarn is still available, just not in yellow of any sort.

Since I have linebacker shoulders, this top gets pulled into place. It just hangs awfully on a hanger, which might be a bad idea but seems to do in place of being blocked.

finished crochet top using knitpicks yarn

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