week 243

Usually I have twenty million things going on at once but I wanted to focus on finishing this tunic. The fabric is Art Gallery Indie Folk Meadow in Dim Dark Blue, which looks amazing online and even more gorgeous when you’re holding it in your hands. Only drawback with it being rayon, is that it’s very fiddly to work with, but the end result is worth it. I’ve only used about two and an half yards, so have seven and an half yards left. Might need a bit liquid courage to put up some of that yardage temporarily on the wall to do that homage, but it will be done. Just thinking what I should put in lieu of the two lamps.

The hem is mildly still uneven and I didn’t bother putting a button or buttonhole right beneath the collar but this is still done.


Without the buttons ad buttonholes, this is what it looked like. The hem was much worse before I fixed one side.

And this is also why you never aim the camera up, as it creates the lovely triple chin effect.

awkwardly holding the tunic closed

And the finished project. The plain buttons worked best as it lets the fabric stand out more.

the finished tunic in art gallery fabrics

I’m not sure what else to do with the rest of the fabric but will use it all up.


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