week 245

Slow weeks happen, and I tried to spend as much of the time trying to destress with the week between school year ending to summer school beginning and didn’t get much done, by way of projects.


Started an experiment. As one of my year end goals is to be able to knit a basic cable, I’ve finally watched enough tutorials on YouTube, to finally get the nerve to attempt to do one. I’ve tried in the past but can never figure it out. For the longest time, I assumed you had to work backwards on the back, and cables only are worked on one side.

As an aside, a lot of videos assume you know how to start off a cable and have several rows already done.

So, I’m finally going to do a cable. After a few rows of knit and purl, it will be a bit of cable, which will be the front of something. Not sure what yet. And it will be two or three different yarns, as I have a massive amount of green yarn to experiment with.

I cast on 33 stitches originally, then tried to do basic math and it doesn’t work out, so have cast on 40.

So, it’s basically co40

knit and purl two rows each, then

knit 15, purl 2, 3/3 right cable, purl 2, knit 15 on the front

purl 15, knit 2, purl 6, knit 2, purl 15 on the back

until not sure when.

new pullover project


This blanket is slowly coming along. I’m purposely not showing the front of this until I’m finished.

partial view of another crochet blanket


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