week 280

I’m currently crocheting hearts for the kids in my son’s class, for tomorrow, with chunky yarn and a K/8.50mm sized hook, which makes it easy and quick. (Especially when you’re a horrible procrastinator.)

Haven’t really done much but picked up where I left off on one of the knitting projects in my closet. One was completely frogged, and the other is turning into a cardigan. It was going to be a pullover but want to use up buttons from my stash.

reached around thirteen inches on the back of knitting a cardigan

Have been spending a few hours at a time knitting. Unsure what buttons will go with this but it’s going to look nice when it’s done.

I want to build a mini shadowbox and am toying around with posterboard.

askew paper box with separations

Even with the edges, it isn’t straight and was more of a diamond, which isn’t bad. I didn’t make the edges deep enough to slot everything and the measurements are so off. I tried to glue the edges down and it slightly straightened it out but the edges aren’t smooth so the glue didn’t fully take.

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