week 281

I’m a day late because of a personal matter taking up a good chunk of the morning into afternoon, then not setting enough time to spend a wee bit of time here afterwards.

The hearts I made last week were gladly received by the adults, who had them all pinned to their tops when I picked up Munchkin, and two of the kids thanked me. The leftover yarn will be turned into more hearts. I have the one I gave to Dylan. Not exactly sure what to do with all of them once the yarns used up.

hearts in process

Have three hearts done, including his. The directions came off another website but the second row, I gave up and winged it. Also, it makes it way quicker with a K/6.5mm sized hooks with chunky yarn. I’m moving up a hook size so probably will have less than ten hearts. Each bit of yarn made two full sized hearts plus a smaller one with the K hook.

The cardigan I’m knitting is in progress.

progress of one of the front panels

I haven’t gotten as far as expected and thought it would be level with the bottom of the armhole bind off, but not there yet. Also switched over to straights because the circular needles kept curling and it was driving me nuts. Especially since casting on twenty stitches. Purposely made the armholes in the back wide, so they can be narrow on the front. Only plan to bind off with ten stitches to the shoulders, and it will lose a few from both the front and back.

There will be blue buttons on the finished item but haven’t compared the ones bought yesterday to the yarn.

I’m about to attach the stretcher bars but didn’t fully attach them. Yesterday, went to Joanns to buy Dritz staples and it must have been a while, because tried to replace the empty staple gun in the wrong order. Together they don’t fit, which after two minutes was confusing me, so looked it up how to put them in and they fit. Take out the one thing, put in staples then replace the bit you take out. Also, I called a local art store and they only sold extremely large or in the 20s” range for cross braces, and the girl on the phone suggested I get wood at home depot, which I’m about to do. Should have just built the frame from scratch which will be what I do from now on, if I want to do larger than I normally do scale. I’m also looking into getting a few shades of dry pigments and make my own oil paint. Can you make paint by melting down oil pastels and mixing in linseed oil?

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