week 282

For some reason I forgot about this last week. I made a collar to put on something, which isn’t anything planned at the moment.

Folded up, it looks like a flower, because of the way it’s made.

pink collar, rolled

Unfolded, it’s easier to see that it’s a collar. I used two of the leftover yarns from the striped pullover. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s nothing to attach it to.

pink collar, unrolled

An update on the cardigan. Nearing the middle of the second panel of the cardigan, before the front parts then the button plackets.

progress on cardigan using Deborah Norville yarn

I’ve been quite lazy attaching the frame together, because there is no cross brace to put in the middle, but they’re mostly together and just need a little mallet action to even them out.

But, still. I bought what will be put as the first few layers. After putting two layers of acrylic gesso, putting down thin layers of heavily thinned out red and blue. Then, layering oil paint over the background.

By the way, my first venture into Hobby Lobby. I’m not subtle about the fact I’m extremely liberal, but still wanted to check it out. The owner(s) may not be great, (the whole stealing artifacts that don’t belong to them. By the way, that Cascade yarn you’re using, the owner isn’t subtle about being a Trump supporter, either, and blasts her views on Twitter.) but the people, who work at the specific one I went to, are super nice. I could spend a whole post about my issues with trying to be ethical and using your money as your mouthpiece, but sometimes my cheap ass wins out over ethics, which isn’t something I shouldn’t be admitting to in the public sphere. We’re all navigating our way around and not all our choices would be what we consider perfect. You’ve got to do the stuff you feel cringey about in order to know what’s correct for yourself. I originally went on Friday and bought watercolours but returned and exchanged them this Monday for the acrylics, simply because watercolours will not work on canvas.

containers of gesso, acrylic paints and matte medium

Oh, just some light reading. This book is really informative, albeit a teenager. It should be revised and expanded again.

Revised and Expanded The Painter's Handbook by Mark David Gottsegen

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