week 283

Some time over the last week, I was going through my fabric stash and reminded myself about the dress that was in the planning stages some time ago. It’s time to focus on that.

Before that, I did the second panel of the cardigan.

progress on cardigan, both side panels are done. now onto the fronts

I spent a whole day trying to figure out the fronts because I kept casting on bits that were too huge to fit, and finally decided it will be, as follows: RS K8, P8, K8. WS P24. repeat for fourteen inches/thirty-six cm. Then, depending on which side it’s on, bind off one stitch on the same side until it’s at one.

I’ve been putting off the dress for the longest time, because my indecisiveness got the better of me, but was making sketches the other day for a top, then heaps looking up how to create collar patterns on YouTube.

The lace was going to be part of it but decided it will be its own layer.

None of it is sewn up yet.

main body pieces

I originally used a store-bought pattern to get a basic idea of what to do, got frustrated so did one based on my measurements and cut the pieces generously. Was going to put extended cap sleeves but decided a wee bit longer and hence the slight kimono sleeves.

Part of me wants to crop it to right above my waist but anything above my belly button annoys me. (Measured from my shoulder to my waist and it’s seventeen inches/43cm, but to my belly button is 20″/51cm so there is also that bit.) The plan is to make the top as basic as possible, then put darts at the bottom.

collar pieces, pinned together

The collar pieces were a pain in the ass, because I kept measuring the neckline wrong. Not sure what I’m doing with the two strips but will probably end up as decoration. (Also, need to get some interfacing because can’t seem to find any in my stash.)

For the dress itself, not pictured. Have only cut enough for the skirt, but the plan is to have a front buttoned dress with an elastic waist on the skirt. And, yes, pockets.

Here’s a reminder of what fabrics I’m using for the dress.

yellow velvet, cloud fabric and gold lace

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